Tri Delta hosts various socials throughout the year!  

Swaps: Each semester we have swaps, or socials with a fraternity or two fraternities and another sorority. Previous themes include Throwback Thursday, Tacky Christmas, That's So 70's, Shotgun Shells and Southern Belles, Space Jam, and USA. 

Themed Date Parties: Tri Delta also hosts various date parties throughout the year. Themes have included  Welcome to the Jungle, Two of a Kind, We Got Game,  Disney,  and Tacky Wedding. We also have a Crawfish date party held at The Little Dooey each spring.

Stars and Crescent Formal: This is Tri Delta's annual formal that is held during the fall semester!

My Tie Semiformal: This is Tri Delta's annual semi-formal event that is held in the spring.




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