Tri Delta hosts various socials throughout the year!  

Themed Date Parties: Tri Delta also hosts various date parties throughout the year. Themes have included  Woodstock, Holidate Party, Roaring '20s,  and Hometown Throwdown! We also have a Crawfish date party held at The Little Dooey each spring.

Stars and Crescent Formal: This is Tri Delta's annual formal that is held during the fall semester! It is the most anticipated event of the year!

My Tie Semiformal: This is Tri Delta's annual semi-formal event that is held in the spring. This event is always so fun for our sisters to get ready with each other!

Swaps: Each semester we have swaps, or socials with a fraternity or two fraternities and another sorority. Previous themes include Throwback Thursday, Tacky Christmas, That's So 70's, Shotgun Shells and Southern Belles, Space Jam, and USA. These events are always the best because our sisters can meet other members in each chapter in the Greek Community!

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