Letter From the President

Hi there! My name is Mady Walker, and I have the honor as serving as President of the Beta Mu chapter of Delta Delta Delta. I am excited to see you that you are visiting our website! Here you can find out what we as Tri Delta and her members represent and who we are. I hope you get to see a glimpse of why we are so lucky to call each other sisters and Tri Delta our home. You will quickly learn why these women are my greatest friends and truest role models.

Coming into recruitment I was a bit overwhelmed and being from the Dallas, TX area, I was new to the strange, exciting process. Throughout the week, I found Tri Delta was the place for me: I could be myself and knew I was going to be encouraged and supported to grow into my best self in the short four years I was going to be at Mississippi State University. I remember and continually met women of Tri Delta who were the type of woman I strived to be during college and beyond- selfless, intentional, and motivated. I was, and am, still amazed at the love and kindness that my sisters have for one another, and after just a few days could see how each member radiated fierce loyalty and dedication.

There are many reasons why my sisters were drawn to Beta Mu as well; some members value our emphasis on leadership and variety in involvement on campus, some the unique friendships that we offer cultivate, while others academic support or philanthropy opportunities provided by our sisterhood. While we each select Tri Delta for individual and distinctive reasons, my sisters ultimately stay for the deeply uniting bond that has developed within our sisterhood. This bond is characterized by rich passions, a spirit of fearlessness, and an unfailing supply of strength and encouragement.

Running home to Tri Delta on bid day was the beginning chapter of many happy memories during my college experience. Immediately, I was welcomed into a sisterhood who sought out, encouraged, and inspired me to be me. I am blessed and cannot think of a more amazing way to spend my college career than loving and uplifting the women who have taught me so much!

The women of Tri Delta are ambitious, dependable, empathetic, intuitive, and compassionate. We strive, as a sisterhood, to live every day through our values: truth, self-sacrifice, and friendship. While our girls might come from all different walks of life, interest, and futures, countless friendships have been fostered and will continue for a lifetime. Tri Delta women hold each other to a higher standard, challenging each other to make decisions and take action that benefit our sisters and ourselves long-term. My sisters are very driven towards career and personal development opportunities. I love coming back to Tri Delta after the summer and hearing about all the incredible and unique internships and job experiences that women in the house had. Whether it’s studying abroad in Paris, conducting research on campus, interning for major companies such as Amazon across the country, or going on a road trip with our Tri Delta sisters. We are always taking advantage of opportunities to gain experience in some of the most amazing places. Lastly, Tri Delta Beta Mu one of greatest prides is our strides in effort for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Every single member is committed to helping and raising money for our philanthropy and their amazing efforts through events like waffle bar, swinging for St. Jude, letter writing, and more.

Tri Delta’s commitment to friendship, scholarship, personal development, leadership, and service allows us to live with the highest form of character possible. Being at college can be overwhelming and stressful, but being surrounded by this group of diverse, talented, and driven women has helped mold me into a woman of dignity, drive, grace, and self-respect. These women are here to support each other through the ups and downs and to teach each other how to make the most out of every opportunity. Being a Tri Delta has made my college journey exceptionally better and it will continue to guide me in my future adventures because Tri Delta is more than just four years; it is for a lifetime.

We have so much to be proud of at Tri Delta and I hope this site gives you a glimpse of how we strive to be brave, bold, and kind here at Mississippi State Beta Mu Tri Delta.

Delta Love And Mine,

Mady Walker, Chapter President 2022-2023